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Xbox 360 open tray error repair

· Now MY problem is that I have spent $ 600 on my xbox 360. all i get is the open tray error =. an unauthorised repair - my xbox is the replacement. How do you fix the open tray error on xbox 360? If your not a tech whiz you could also take it to a local repair shop. · Fixing the " Open Tray" Error ( for XBOX 360' s With Liteon Drives Only). I have an electronics repair shop and have addressed many open tray errors. how do i fix the open tray error on my xbox 360. or repair the< b> Xbox 360< / b> open tray error you step by step repair. disk drive on an xbox 360. Game Disc Wont Play - Not Reading or Loading AusGameStore Repair Service For All Xbox 360 Game Consoles Same Day 1 Hour DVD Drive Replacement In Melbourne. · I recently got the Open Tray error on my 360 which basically means that every time i insert a game or any CD in the console it wont read it and act as if. · My Xbox 360 slim is displaying " open tray" no matter how often I open and close the tray.

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    Error xbox open

    The error is not specific to a. Ignore the other videos. THIS IS THE REAL FIX! No banging on your Xbox or any of that other junk. This really works and it' s VERY easy! When this works for. open tray error on benq drive for xbox 360 It wont spin disc up and after while says open tray? Can you please help - Microsoft Xbox 360 Console question. fixing open tray error very simple tap when disc drive starts very quicly and if doesnt work open and close try again. If this method doesn' t work, leave a comment below and I will find another way. Remember to leave a like and subscribe! For Xbox 360 on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled " Open Tray Error". · Okay so my second Xbox 360 Elite that I have had for about a year and a half has the open tray error.

    Got the Xbox 360 open tray error? Looking for a way to fix the problem so you can play your favourite games again with your friends? Well, you' ve basically got 2 ways. ad_ 1] Got the Xbox 360 open tray problem? Doesn’ t your console read your discs anymore? This problem can be hard to fix, and because of that, many people will tell. When a game is inserted, the Xbox still says " open tray. " I have googled this and found it to be called " open tray error. " Is there a way to fix this? The Open Tray error on Xbox 360 is definitely one of the most troublesome errors you can encounter on your console as its cause is usually related to hardware, rather than software issues, meaning you sometimes really. Today I' m going to be helping you guys out by giving you some simple fixes for that pesky open tray error! All of these have worked at least once f. PS3 Yellow light of death Disc read error Hard drive replacement No video Console Cleaning Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death Open tray. Fix Xbox 360 open tray error with out voiding your warranty. · I have googled this and found it to be called " open tray error.

    Xbox always says open disc placement DVD Drive Repair Disc Read Error - Open Tray Error. Melbourne Xbox 360 Repair Replacement. Open Tray Disc Drive Error Repairs: Xbox 360 Mods Jtag. Xbox 360 Open Tray Error Repair Guide Fix Xbox 360 Open Tray Error By Myself With A Repair Guide? Are You With the step by step instructions that' s provided with a. · The Open Tray error on Xbox 360 is definitely one of the most troublesome errors you can encounter on your console as. · Xbox Association; xbox open tray error. they told me to send it in for a 150$ repair. goki1012 Member Since. I' ve had the open tray on my 360. So I had the open tray error and I replaced the.

    Everything and anything related to the Xbox 360. Discussions and links concerning the repair of broken. Wondering how to fix the Xbox 360 open tray error? Fed up of opening and closing the tray? Hoping the game will load only for the words ' open tray' to pop up again. · Best Xbox One S - EVERY Color! Xbox 360 repair disk drive Tray stack/ Not Reading Disk- Advanced. How to Fix Xbox 360 Open Tray Error. For this episode of Let' s Repair! we take a look at a Xbox 360 plagued with the annoying Open Tray error. For anyone who is unaware, this is when the DVD dri.

    Wanna learn how to get a FREE domain name for your website? Click here: http: / / www. v= - - E67GFhOhs Wanna see more cool videos like this one? In this video we learn how to fix the Xbox 360 open tray error. First, open the console up and find the laser power. There are two screws around this laser that need. The Xbox 360 Open Tray Error or Disc Unreadable This issue is usually caused by a worn out or fading DVD laser. It' s a very common issue with the Xbox 360' s and we. · A definitive video of most of the fixes out there to fix a broken DVD drive ( open tray error) on the xbox 360. Remember to watch the full video as there is.