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Runtime error 424 object required vba outlook

It worked fine yesterday, but it is giving this error today. I found my PC rebooted due to some overnight updates when I came into office today. Does that have anything to do with this? First of all, you need to correct the namespace variable name as Paul suggested: ' Set variables Set ns = GetNamespace( " MAPI" ) Set myInbox = ns. GetDefaultFolder( olFolderInbox). Then I have noticed the following lines of. myInbox is a local variable of Application_ Startup. Thus, it' s only accessible in Application_ Startup. I strongly recommend to add Option Explicit On to the top of your module. This will alert you of such errors ( and others).

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    Error outlook object

    1) Set the reference to Microsoft Outlook [ version number] Object Library in Tools/ references in the IDE. 2) Make sheet references consistent. The following lines of code references two sheets, not just one:. Hi, I' m afraid I' m no developer, but I' m trying to cobble together a small automation solution in Outlook for myself, using some example code I found ferencia de VBA para Office Referencia del lenguaje: VBA Objeto requerido ( error 424). Objeto requerido ( error 424). Tabla de contenido +. Introducción a la referencia del lenguaje VBA. Subject) Then MoveToArchiveFolder ( tempMailItem) ' < < < Error 424 Object Required? End If End If Next oitem ExitProc: Set olapp = Nothing Set olappns = Nothing Set myFolder = Nothing Set ItemsToProcess = Nothing. 39; Declaration Dim myItems, myItem, myAttachments, myAttachment As Object Dim myOrt As String Dim myOlApp As New Outlook. Application myOrt = " C: \ attachments" On Error Resume Next ' for all items do. According to the Lotus Note documentation, GetItemValue( ) returns either a String, an array of String, or an array of Doubles, none of them having a HasEmbedded property. OK - so there appear to be quite a lot of issues with the current code; you have duplication of code and non- dimensioned variables.

    I have tried to condense the code down, added direct references and this will hopefully make.