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Error at xml version 1 0 encoding utf 8

0" encoding= " utf- 8". is only allowed once at top of the xml document! So remove the second occurence. Tom Blodget Dec 11 ' 14 at 1: 20. I was under the impression that the preamble/ prolog was to be encoded under UTF- 8 and that told the parser how to convert the remaining bytes ( the actual XML document) to the correct encoding. My best guess is that: The document is being processed as PHP; Short Tags are turned on. so the server is trying to process the XML declaration as PHP code. Normally I' d expect an error message, but perhaps there is a. The XML declaration is not required, however, if used it must be the first line in the document and no other content or white space can precede it. An XML declaration can also contain a standalone declaration, for example,. the parser will report an error if the document references an external DTD or external entities. I' m inclined to agree w/ that this is likely to do with short_ open_ tag = On. Here are a few ways to fix this. Based on your error messages, sorry if this comes off condescending, but is your code wrapped in PHP opening. I suspect that your declaration says which is.

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    Error encoding version

    But it is recommended to use it so that wrong assumptions are not made by the parsers, specifically about the encoding used. For example, in ISO 8859- 1, â is represented by one byte of value 226, whereas in UTF- 8 it is two bytes: 195, 162. However, in ISO 8859- 1, 195, 162 would be two characters, Ã, ¢. Think of XML as not a sequence of. XML宣言は書くべきだし、 versionとencodingの値もこの通りにし、 standalone属性は 省略すべきだ。. Entities encoded in UTF- 16 must and entities encoded in UTF- 8 may begin with the Byte Order Mark described by Annex H of. The downside is that if that XML contains both valid UTF- 8 and some ISOthen the result will contain mojibake. Or you can try to convert the. te encoding in the editor : ) String. Create Text File Without BOM 1 answer; StreamWriter and UTF- 8 Byte Order Marks 8 answers.

    I' m running into some sort of xml error when trying to do a xml request to quickbooks. I created the xml using XDocument in C#,.