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Java error variable expected

setTitle( " Taille des matrices" ) ; matricesize. show( ) ; } } ) ; return v; }. The line AddMatriceCalc. getMatriceResAM( ) = null; has the error variable expected but when I use matriceRes. I' m writing code for swapping two elements in a java. But I get to this error in this line: public void. elementAt( i) = maxHeap. get( j) ; / / variable expected maxHeap. get( j) = temp; / / variable expected swapCounter+ + ; }. The expression outputLayer_. doubleValue( ) is readOnly.

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    Expected java variable

    You cannot assign a value to it. First place its value in a variable: double newWeight = outputLayer_. doubleValue( ) + delta. When I google about identifier expected error, I found that this error happens when variables are declared without datatype, but I declared that for all my. This is a statement in Java, it can be inside Constructor or method, or initialization block. The + + operator only makes sense when applied to a declared variable. If there is no declared variable, there is nowhere to save the result, which is why the compiler complains. The error is just in this bit:. This operator will add one to an integer, long, etc. and save the result to the same variable in- place. If there is no declared. Double randomNumDouble = new Double( Math. random( ) = jokesIKnow. That' s some very invalid syntax. You can' t assign the return value of a method ( in this case jokesIKnow.

    size( ) is a method which returns. javac StringVariables2. java StringVariables2. java: 3: error: ' { ' expected public static class main( String[ ] args) { ^ StringVariables2. java: 8: error: < identifier> expected System. println( " Please enter your first name" ). java: 13: error: variable first_ name is already defined in method main( String[ ] ). This first line is perfectly fine - it declares a class instance variable called z of type int. This second line, however, is the source of your problem. In Java, it' s illegal to have code in a class outside of a class method or static.

    You can' t call the methods before you finish initializing the variables you' re calling. join( ) = new SortThread( a) ; SortThread t2. join( ) = new SortThread( b) ; MergeThread m. start( ) = new MergeThread( t1.