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Javascript error array is not defined

prefix before all the object properties. addNumber = function( number) { if (! isNaN( parseInt( number) ) ) { number = parseInt( number) ; if ( number % 2 = = 0) { this. push( number) ; this. To answer the original question, array(. ) is not how you create an array in JavaScript. var textarray = [ " Hello World", " Good morrow", " top of the morning" ] ;. As for the next problem ( which should actually be a separate. ReferenceError: " x" is not defined. エラータイプ. ReferenceError 。 何が うまくいかなかったのか? どこかで定義されていない変数を参照しています。 この変数 は、 定義されている必要があります。 または、 現在のスクリプトか. I am trying to test to see whether a Javascript variable is undefined. You will see that I am not expecting the value of predQuery[ preId] to be ' undefined' if I don' t first get an alert saying " its unbelievable". But I often do, so I am guessing that ' s not php - you should use var variable_ name = new Array( ).

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    Error javascript array

    JavaScriptの初心者にとってundefinedというのはちょっと混乱を招くものらしい。 nullと の違いや使い分けがよく分から. 配列のインデックスも通常のプロパティと同じである が、 Array関数で生成された配列は各プロパティがundefinedで初期. If the scope of the console is the " < top frame> ", then you will not be able to access the variables from the result window. But, even if you do that, you will still get the error. you are using it inside a function, you actually are as you selected " On load" for the JavaScript execution and that will wrap your code. That' s not how to declare variables as an empty array. Javascript IS case sensitive you have to use upper- case A in word Array. var myarr = new array( ) ; / / THIS IS WRONG! and will result in error not defined. JavaScript array indices start at 0, not 1. push( ) method adds an element at the end of the array, which in the case of an empty array ( as yours is when your loop begins) will be array element 0. Your loop inserts the value. この典型例が Array. map( ) で、 これは Array オブジェクトでのみ正しく動作し ます。 var obj = { a: 13, b: 37, c: 42 } ; obj.

    map( function( num) { return num * 2; } ) ; / / TypeError: obj. map is not a function.