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Runtime error 215 free pascal

Source position: systemh. const RuntimeErrorExitCodes: array [ TRuntimeError] of Byte = ( 0, 203, 204, 200, 201, 215, 207, 200, 205, 206, 219, 216,. When an overflow occurs, the run- time library will generate a run- time error 215: it prints a message Overflow at xxx, and exits the program with exit code 215. Remark: Overflow checking behaviour is not the same as in Turbo Pascal since all. 201 : range error 215 : overflow checking when doing computation with integer 202 : overflow stack 106 : invalid numeric format 1 : invalid function number 2 : file not found 3 : path not found 4 : too many open files 5 : file access denied 6. 213, Collection index out of range. 214, Collection overflow error. 215, Arithmetic overflow error. 216, General protection fault. 217, Invalid operation code. 227, Assertion failed.

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    Pascal error runtime

    300, File IO error. 301, Non matched array bounds. fatal exceptions. GPF/ SIGSEGV and in some cases SIGILL/ SIGBUS, and that probably means that your program corrupts memory somewhere. Compile with runtime checks on might help you find errors ( Free Pascal : - Criot ). Normally, when a run- time error occurs, you are presented with a list of addresses that represent the call stack backtrace, i. the addresses of all procedures that were invoked when the run- time error occurred. This list is not very informative,. Certain operating systems limit the number of files which can be opened concurrently, and this error can occur when this limit has. 215 Arithmetic overflow error: This error is reported when the result of an arithmetic operation is outside of gpc everything works perfectly. Turbo Pascal and Free Pascal have arithmetic overflow for factorial of numbers greater than 12, but Free Pascal reports an error: 13! = Runtime error 215 at $ 004013C7 $ 004013C7 $ $ 004063E0. I' ve written this program that plots 3D- axis and should then plot 3D- structures.

    However, when it draws all three axis, when the z- axis reaches the top of my screen the compiler gives runtime error 215. At the bottom of my screen it just. I' m having problems running the FreePascal IDE ( for Win32 for i386) Version 1. 12 / 04/ 23 Compiler Version. When I select one of those options in the Menu the IDE returns: " Program generated a RTE 215 at address.