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Runtime error 91 in vba

Office VBA リファレンス VBA 言語リファレンス オブジェクト型の変数は設定されてい ません ( エラー 91). オブジェクト型. たとえば、 次のコードの Set ステートメントを省略 すると、 MyObject への参照でエラーが生成されます。 Dim MyObject. Sub RemoveFooterRows( theFile) Dim found As Range Set found = Workbooks( theFile). Find _ ( " Summary", Range( " A1" ), xlValues, xlPart, xlByRows, xlNext, False,, False) MsgBox ( " val is " & n Time Error ' 91' : Object Variable or With Block not Set. My code is: Dim rng As Range rng = Sheet8. Range( " A12" ) ' < < ERROR here rng. I just want to set Cell " A12" in Sheet8. enter image description here. You need some lines of code that establish Tool as a workbook. Something like: Dim Tool As Workbook Set Tool = ActiveWorkbook. There are things that must be done when creating an object variable. First you must declare the object variable with a Dim statement and then then you must a. Runtime error 91 suggests that ActiveSheet Is Nothing ( because ActiveSheet is the only presumed Object in the few lines of code you' ve provided, and certainly the only Object on the line raising the error). Several scenarios I.

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    Error runtime

    Excel VBA マクロのエラー 91 「 オブジェクト変数または With ブロック変数が設定され ていません。 」 の対処法を紹介します。 Object 型の代入に Set を付けないと発生します。 インスタンス化されていない Object 型を操作しようとしても発生します。. Runtime error 91 " object variable not set" is raised when the assignment doesn' t use that keyword. and the Set remained, leaving the VB6/ VBA value assignment syntax like [ Let] variable = value, where " Let" is n- time Error 91 : Object variable or With block variable not set. And the error is in those lines: iTotalWords = wordHilite. getNumText iTotalWords = PDFJScriptObj. getPageNumWords( Nthpage). I tried to put a break point on.