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Indexerror list index out of range python sys argv 1

py path/ to/ img1 path/ to/ img2. Also, your arguments will be in sys. argv[ 1] and sys. argv[ 2], because sys. argv[ 0] stores the name of your python file. Also, if using cmd exError: list index out of range. argv[ 1] はコマンドラインから入力する第1 引数のこと。 ( pythonコマンドから見た時の第2引数) > pycharmという開発環境から 実行しているのに、 sys. argvに値が入っている sys. argv[ 0] は実行しているスクリプトの 名前が入ると決まっているので、 PyCharmから起動しても値はセットされて. argv represents the command line options you execute a script with. argv[ 0] is the name of the script you are running. All additional options are contained in sys. You are attempting to open a file that uses. Make sure you pass the filename as suggested.

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    Range python argv

    You could also check the length of sys. argv import sys print( sys. argv) ) if len( sys. exit( ' Usage: % s input_ file' % sys. With this Python: import sys print( sys. > python q15121717. I think you are not passing a argument to your Python script. argv) > 1: print( sys. argv[ 1] ) else: print( input( " Enter address: " ) ). python: IndexError: list index out of range ( file = sys. argv[ 1] ) · - 1. argv[ 1] is the first CLI parameter and if you don' t provide any CLI parameter, len( sys. argv) = 1 so you can only access sys. argv[ 0] which is the script name.

    What you need to do is provide a CLI parameter which is for. list index out of range” when using sys. argv[ 1] 1 answer. if _ _ name_ _ = = " _ _ main_ _ " : file = sys. argv[ 1] f = FST( " q0" ) # f. addState( " 1", True) # f. addState( " 2", True) # f. addState( " 3", True). in line file = sys. argv[ 1] getting this error. You should provide an argument to your script, i. call it like predict_ 1. py path_ to_ your_ file. You pass system arguments when you run the code in your terminal python script.