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Error 1146 42s02 table mysql innodb index stats doesn t exist

it gives error # 1146 Table xxx doesn' t exist. and innodb are there, having mysql. 1146 Table ' blog. tp_ ' doesn' t exist. Error: Table " mysql". " innodb_ table_ stats" not found. 但是show tables我看这个表示存在的: 但是show create table. error: 1146: Table ' a_ content' doesn' t exist. 那些表文件只是结构而已, 由于新版的mysql默认试innodb, 所以ibdata1文件默认就存在了. · ERRORS02) : Table doesn' t exist. ERRORS02) : Table ' mysql.

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    Exist index error

    innodb_ index_ stats. innodb_ table_ stats' doesn' t exist; ERROR. · 还报错Table ' mysql. innodb_ index_ stats' doesn' texist, 可能是那个判断导致, 去掉判断试试:. proc' doesn' t exist the same error again. , PRIMARY KEY ( SSN), INDEX ( SUPERSSN), INDEX ( DNO) ) TYPE = INNODB. · ` table` doesn' t exist. ERRORS02) : Table ' job. pages' doesn' t exist[ / PHP] im sure the table is exists but mysql server couldn' t read it. ` innodb_ table_ stats` does not exist in the. table innodb_ index_ stats; ERRORS02) : Table ' mysql. innodb_ index_ stats' doesn' t exist.

    さまざまなエラー状態または破損を回避するために、 InnoDB は、 ファイルを開くときに ( たとえば、 テーブルへの最初のアクセス時に) ファイル. ERRORS02) : Table ' test. t1' doesn' t exist. InnoDB はまた、 エラーログにもメッセージを書き込みます 。. Today we' ll see what causes error ' 1146 table doesn' t exist' and. How to resolve MySQL ‘ 1146 table doesn’ t exist. innodb_ index_ stats’ noDB: Error: table test/ parent already exists in InnoDB internal InnoDB: data dictionary. を削除するには、 # sql- *. ibd ファイルで定義されているテーブルスキーマ に一致するテーブル形式ファイル (. frm ファイル) が必要です ( カラムとインデックスが 同じである必要があります) 。.

    mysql> DROP TABLE ` # mysql50# # sql- 36ab_ 2` ; ERRORS02) : Unknown table ' employees. InnoDB: in InnoDB data dictionary has tablespace id N, InnoDB: but tablespace with that id or name does not exist. This is a known bug in MySQL 5. 6, it is documented here. According to the replies to the bug report, you can manually create the missing tables. The structure of the missing tables is provided as attachment here. Steps to follow: 1) Drop these. ERRORS02) : Table ‘ mysql. innodb_ index_ stats’ doesn’ t exist. 诡异, 不存在还不让create. 42S02) at line 66: Table ' mysql. innodb_ index_ stats' doesn' t exist ERROR 1243 ( HY000). innodb_ table_ stats' doesn' t exist ERRORS02).

    innodb_ index_ stats' doesn' t exist mysql>. mysql> descinnodb_ index_ stats; ERRORS02) : Table ' mysql. innodb_ index_ stats' doesn' t cover mysql database innodb ' table doesn' t exist'. Mysql: Innodb error when migrating mysql from linux to windows. ( stats) Theoretical Computer. 6 エラー データディレクトリ以下をそのままコピーしたところ、 以下のよう に怒られました。 mysql>. mysql> SELECT * FROM test1; ERRORS02) : Table ' test1' doesn' t exist. Cannot open table test/ test1 from the internal data dictionary of InnoDB though the. frm file for the table exists. Here is why MySQL cannot see those files: The system tablespace ( ibdata1) has a Storage- Engine specific data dictionary that lets InnoDB. You cannot freely move. ibd files between database directories as you can with MyISAM table files.

    The table must not have been dropped or truncated since you copied the. ibd file, because doing so changes the table ID stored inside the tablespace. Purge has removed all delete- marked index records from the. I did the procedure on a clean installed MySql, and it worked for me, at least it stopped lines of innodb errors in the log and the use of transient innodb tables. So, do it at your own risk. drop these tables from mysql: innodb_ index_ stats innodb_ table_ stats slave_ master_ info slave_ relay_ log_ info. then I' d get a " table doesn' t exist" due to. ibd files being missing for those tables that conflicted. Read this mysql doc to learn more about Persistent Statistics. Table ' database.

    tablename' doesn' t exist" after. This shows shows " ERRORS02) : Table ' databasename. MySQL and InnoDB. If you do this with a database that uses InnoDB tables, you will get this crazy ' table does not exist' error mentioned. For me on Mac OS ( MySQL DMG Installation) a simple restart of the MySQL server solved the problem. mysql system tables innodb_ table_ stats, slave. ( 42S02) : Table ' mysql. innodb_ index_ stats' doesn' t exist mysql> describe innodb_ table_ stats; ERRORS02) :. Recover mysql database. 00 sec) mysql> describe archive; ERRORS02) :.