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Excel macro runtime error 380

Excel Vba Combobox Runtime Error 380 Invalid. exact location of the error. I still have the 1- online vba n- Time error ' 380' : Could not set the List property. Invalid property value. Here is the sub which manipulates the Listbox: Private Sub lstKarren_ Change( ) Dim i As Long Dim karName As String With Me. lstKarren For i = 0 To. The error it comes up with is " Runtime error 380: invalid property value" when I press Export. I' m not sure if you can sort this without having the label software, but you might be able to view the macro code and see where it is. vim: Continue macro after error in submacro? Excel Macro runtime error 1004 application- defined or object- defined error- 2. I get an error when going into a listview " error 380 invalid. and i get an error " Runtime error 380 invalid property value" There. If the error is caused. Windows 10 Microsoft Office 365.

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    Macro excel runtime

    All updates current. Using with Quick Measure. Let me add cells then all of a sudden stopped & this error pops up. Hi, The following macro functions correctly in an Excel workbook. However, when I create a copy of the workbook, the macro generates a run- time error 13, " Type Mismatch. Excel Runtime error 380 when trying to set RowSource property of ComboBox in VBA in Excel. validation is linked to the first cell by the INDIRECT macro. I am working on a ListBox in a UserForm and from the get go I am having problems. Here are the lines I use to fill the ListBox1 Sub ShowUserForm1( ) UserForm1. RowSource = " owse our directory of " Microsoft Excel" errors and learn how to fix these Runtime. Microsoft Excel: 4. Microsoft Excel: 38. Excel Error 380:. user form and then it won' t work anymore and the following error message is given: Run- time error ' 380' :. : VBA – Control Arrays.

    What causes runtime error 380? Attempting to set a property of an object or control to a value that is not allowed. Look through the code that runs when your search form loads ( Form_ Load etc. ) for any code that sets a property. Excel Questions ' Run Time Error ' 380' : Could not set the value property. Invalid value property'. The lstbox is on a userform and it is populated by a macro that. I am using an Excel VBA UserForm to enter data onto a worksheet. On the UserForm I have a Navigation bar to navigate through the records held on. マクロにエラーはつきものです。 エラーが発生したら、 エラー. ここでは、 VBAで発生 する実行時エラー( トラップできるエラー) の一覧と、 いくつかのエラーについては、 その 理由や原因などを解説します。 表の[ 番号] は、 ErrオブジェクトのNumberプロパティで 取得できるエラーコードです。 [ メッセージ] はErr. 380, プロパティの値が不正です。 × ×, 解説. I' m currently creating a userform in Excel and to search for records I decided to use a listbox option to allow a user to scroll through the search results. However, I ' ve encountered a run- time 380 error invalid property value due to the listbox.

    I' m getting a “ Run- time error ' 380' : Could not set the ListIndex property. Invalid property. I even tried to install Office 20 - but no success, the same error. VBA run- time error when opening PowerPoint from Excel. Assigning the selected item of a combobox with the. Value property is not working in all the cases very well. ListIndex property instead. In your example the line where you get the error would look n- time error ' 380' : Invalid property. una vez calificados la aplicación genera una evaluación de control interno en una hoja de excel y un resumen en word,. Word: Run- time error 380 fix. a Microsoft Visual Basic error message each time she tried to run the macro. The error was: Run- time 380. This appendix contains a complete listing of the error codes for all trappable errors in Visual Basic for Applications. Excel’ s Help system.

    Error 380 Showing 1- 3 of 3 messages. using the data in the ExampleRiver file but I get the following error: " Run- time error 380:. wrong on the Excel VBA end of. ggm6v958jNy9 - Download as PDF. excel macro, microsoft jscript runtime error ' sys. runtime error 372 fix. runtime error 53 file not found. Hi, VBA/ Excel issue I am encountering an issue where I get the error could not set the rowsource property. invalid property value. I have a listbox and change the elements it refers to depending. プロパティの値が無効です ( エラー 380) [ 1 / 2]. office 365 dev account| 最終更新日: / 10/ 09. ほとんどの プロパティは、 割り当てることができる値の型 および範囲が決まっています。 このエラーの原因と解決策を以下に示します。 プロパティ に.

    com Fixing Runtime Error 380 is easy to. VBA run- time error ' 1004' Application. For all general questions relating to Excel but not including VBA or formulas. XL Reporter - Trouble Shooting Guide. 4 Run Time Error 380. Page 9 XL Reporter – Trouble Shooting Guide. Excel Macro Security Setting Issues Here. Hello, I' m getting this error message % subject% while trying to assign value into the listbox in VBA Excel. The error occurs when writting to column. Run- time error " 380", Could not set the RowSource property. I' m using MS Excel VBA code in OOO as part of.