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Mysql error code 1066 not unique table alias

You have listed the table customer twice in your FROM statement. Here' s the fixed version: SELECT customer. firstName, account. id FROM account INNER JOIN customer ON customer. customerId ORDER BY. Since you have three File tables in your query, MySQL has no way to know which one you mean when you say File. You' d normally fix that assigning different table aliases. But it feels rather weird that you actually need to join. The following is my code. name FROM article INNER JOIN section ON article. section_ id = section. id INNER JOIN category ON article. category_ id = category. id INNER JOIN user. That' s because you are using same alias a twice for table q_ master_ berita.

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    Alias mysql unique

    You need to use different aliases. ` UNIQ_ CODE`, ` b`. ` JUDUL_ BERITA`, ` b`. ` THUMNAIL`, ` c`. ` CREATED_ DATE`. You seem to be selecting from the same table twice. Each of these occurrences needs its own alias: SELECT l. url FROM b as b1 / * < - - * / INNER JOIN links as l ON b1. id INNER JOIN b as b2 / * < - - * / ON l. cause you have 2 times TAXES in your FROM clause ( here between * * ) : FROM TICKETLINES INNER JOIN PRODUCTS_ CAT ON PRODUCTS.

    ID= PRODUCTS_ CAT. PRODUCT JOIN TAXCATEGORIES ON e different aliasses for the table students and all related columns select < Fields to be seleced> FROM ` batches` INNER JOIN courses ON courses. course_ id LEFT OUTER JOIN attendances ON. 問題商品テーブル 商品名 生産地ID 販売地ID りんご 1 2 ぶどう 3 3 みかん 10 12. 都道府県テーブル. 道府県の区別ができず、 # 1066 - Not unique table/ alias : ' 都道府県' ( 生産地IDと結合した都道府県テーブルと、 販売地IDと結合した都道府県 テーブル、 どっちを参照したらよいかわからないよエラー) になってしまう。. You need to bring in tables before you reference them ( not in the first select row, but in the joins after the. something JOIN RAUM on RAUM. gebeaute_ id= GEBEAUTE. gebeaute_ id - - error here still, see below.