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Go error message

一般的によくあると思いますが、 例えば「 ある関数を実行した 際errorが返ってきます。 このエラーの種類によって処理を分けたい。. Go言語では複数の戻り値を返却できる特性を利用して、 戻り値としてerror インタフェースを返却することによりエラー. package main import ( " fmt" " os" ) / / エラー処理用の構造体 type MyError struct { Msg string Code int } / / MyError構造. If you have written any Go code you have probably encountered the built- in error type. Go code uses error values to indicate an abnormal state. For example, the os. Open function returns a non- nil error value when it fails troduction It is idiomatic in Go to use the error interface type as the return type for any error that is going to be returned. When you have an error message that requires formatting, use the Errorf function from the fmt e the errors package to create new errors. New( " an error" ). The returned error can be treated as a string by either accessing err.

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    Error message

    Error( ), or using the fmt package functions ( for example fmt. Package errors implements functions to manipulate errors. func New( text string ) error. Except as noted, the content of this page is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3. 0 License, and code is licensed under a BSD license. Go Conference autumn においては( 実際のトークではないが) 居酒屋にて@ JxckさんがRob Pike氏から以下のようなテクニックを紹介して. Printf( ) ( や log ) を 使って適切なエラーメッセージとしてユーザに表示する( ” べき” である) .. This is the first article in a series of lessons I' ve learnt over the couple years I' ve worked with Go in production. When I started writing Go I often did string comparisons of error messages to see what the error type was ( yes,. In Go, the error type has an interface type error interface { Error( ) string }. Ref: org/ pkg/ builtin/ # error. So, for an error err, you can call err. Why I got message “ invalid syntax, continuing. In Go it' s idiomatic to communicate errors via an explicit, separate return value.

    This contrasts with the. New constructs a basic error value with the given error message. return - 1, errors. New( " can' t work with 42" ). } A nil value in the error.