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Error contents list index out of range

tif file to do the. I have read the issues# 90 but I feel the previous guidance is not enough to help me fix the current problem. I' m trying the plugin against an XBMC 11. 0 run on an Ubuntu 10. Here' s the error I' m getting in the log: 22: 59: 10 T: NOTICE: - - > Python Interpreter Initialized< - - 22: 59: 10 T: NOTICE:. You' re reading past the end of the file. When you invoke read without arguments, the contents of the entire file are read and the pointer advances to the end of the file. What you want is to read once, and save the contents in a. I get this in the midst of a fetch. Not sure if it' s a python error or a twecoll error. Just add a list length check would solve the problem. if len( a) > = 14 and a[ 5] = = ' SBI' and a[ 6] = = ' Debit' : print a[ 13]. If you do mylist[ 3].

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    Contents range list

    append( ) you' re trying to append to a list that' s the 4th item in your mylist. You could also write this as ( mylist[ 3] ). append( ) to make this more clear. If you want to append to mylist, you need to just use. 5 Trying to run the NER example given in the documentation and it results in a list index out of range error. argv[ 1] is indexing into the first element of the command line arguments list. If you' re not providing an argument when running the program, e. python yourfilename. py testing, an IndexError will be thrown. Your indentation looks wonky, so it' s difficult to tell if these lines should be in the for t in soup. findAll( ' div',. If they are, then the code would probably have failed much earlier, therefore they are not, so you are. There is a typo in the main function. The url3 thing is trying to grab a value from that index in a row in the csv.

    But look at the second export_ csv line in the main function. The string formatting is wrong - it leaves out what should be in the.