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Javascript error add property

For my errors i create a exceptions. js file and add it on my files. Here is ssage is simply not an enumerable property: try{ unknownFunction( ) ; / / undefined function here } catch( e) { console. getOwnPropertyDescriptor ( e, ' message' ) ) / * { value: " unknownFunction is not defined",. 指定されたオブジェクトに新しいプロパティを定義したり、 既存のプロパティを変更したり します。 戻り値は指定. throws an error in strict mode. 有効なJavaScriptの 値( number, object, function など) である必要があります。 既定値は. prototype: Error インスタンスにプロパティを追加できます。. I inherited some javascript code another developer wrote. However, it seems like you can' t add properties to strings in javascript. ( a) if the value of foo is of the type Undefined or Null, then an error will be thrown,. This confirmes the " problem" I ran into was the stack property of the error was the line number where new Error( ) was created,. instanceof Error: true instanceof NotImplemented: true message: I was too busy / private/ tmp/ t.

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    Javascript property error

    js: 24 throw new. The only standard field Error object has is the message property. Test cases I used can be found here: JavaScript self- made Error object comparison. ( If you want to add custom methods to your subclass, follow the sample text). ジャンプ先: メッセージ; エラータイプ; 何がうまくいかなかったのか? 例; 関連項目. エラータイプ. ' use strict' ; var obj = { } ; obj. x = ' foo' ; / / add property first and only then prevent extensions Object. JavaScript ガイド. Always use error objects instead of strings to preserve a stack trace; Appending common properties to errors is used by node. js to provide additional context; Custom error objects allow for adding your own methods and make. All Error instances and instances of non- generic errors inherit from Error. As with all constructor functions, you can use the prototype of the constructor to add properties or methods to all instances created with that.