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Yii2 get 404 error

php and not just GreetingsController ( without. php) Although this is not the mistake you made it still produces the same error message. share| improve this answer. Should I have specific error- handling in my code to. Handling a " 400 Bad Request" Server Config. I would think they would get a 404 error. 304 Not Modified. A conditional GET or HEAD request has been received and would have resulted in a 200 OK response if it were not for the fact that the this tutorial – we’ ll discuss how to implement an global error handler for a Spring REST API. We will use the semantics of each exception to build out meaningful error messages for client, with the clear goal of giving that client all the info to easily diagnose the problem. I am testing Yii 2 advanced, i have created a view from CRUD and everything works fine, i can even get to see the index. it gets created but i cannot get to the view because it returns a 404 error response, the controller is generated with the. r= app_ einstellung/ lpersonart/ index I will get 404- error.

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    I use Windows, so it' s case- insensitive. If you are using nginx with php- cgi and have followed the standard procedure to set it up, you might often get the “ No input file specified” error. I have created new controller in the project but I am getting Not Found ( # 404) error when I try to access it. I am using the following URL web/ index. here is the controller:. 404 errors in Yii 2. 0 usually came from wrong urlManager configs or Server configs. This is a NOT YET COMPLETED but a working repo where you' ll find the configs I used for the api folder and the onces I used for the web folder + the two. like as you easy see the two format are different so an explict call based on a format return a 404 error. You can find a brief guide on yii2 routing here yiiframework.

    0/ guide- runtime- routing. Yii2 rewrite URLs with query string to be SEO. How to get all ActiveRecord objects in Yii2? return error 404 not found. You WON' T get Fatal error: Class MuException could not be loaded. function exceptions_ error_ handler ( $ severity, $ message, $ filename, $ gramming With Yii2: Building a RESTful API. Requests for a deleted record return a 404 error. Logging in Yii is really flexible. Basics are easy but sometimes it takes time to configure everything to get what you want. There are some ready to use solutions collected below.

    I am trying to work on a site and all day it hasnt been working, that being localhost. I can go to localhost and XAMPP shows up, but if I try to go to localhost/ htdocs or / localhost/ htdocs/ filename. 10 Status Code Definitions. GET an entity corresponding to the requested resource is sent in the response;. the status code 404 ( Not Found). Yii2 Page not found when calling country/ index. now when i try to access it using index. r= country/ index i get 404 not found error. How to Handle Errors & Exceptions in the Yii Framework. Here' s my current Page Not Found 404 error handler:. If you' d like to know when the next Yii2 tutorial. Learn about routing in Yii2 using UrlManager. Yii2 Routing – UrlManager.

    org/ site/ index will show a 404 page. need more object- oriented feachers. It' s good extention, but i think need more object- oriented and huge level feachers. This implementation is very similar to the simplest layer curl. 24 thoughts on “ AngularJS and Yii2 Part 1: Routing” Alex. GET tag= 555462bd8431d 404 Not Found. This video will show you how to fix the 400 Bad Request error message. com/ tutorials/ fix- 400- bad- request- error I. bower- asset/ jquery error installing advanced via composer. I get an 404 error from. $ composer create- project - vvv yiisoft/ yii2- app- advanced advanced 2. in yii2, the controllers and actions with multiple words, that are marked by capital letters are divided by - in your request, so in your case the route would be some/ chart- display. Most of the Yii2 sites have been developed on my work computer.

    Yii2 403 Forbidden Error. every time I get the 403 error. The following example shows you how to handling a simple GET Request. use linslin\ yii2\ curl;. / / success logic here break; case 404: / / 404 Error logic here break. Easy and nice cURL extension with RESTful support for this article, I will show you how to setup RESTful API in Yii2 framework. It is a little bit tricky because Yii2 is still in beta release ( when this article is written) so the documentation is not complete enough. My application contain Angular and Php Yii2. 404 error in google app engine. when i call rest api from the postman then it is return 404 page not found error. If you are getting a 404 not found error when trying to access gii,. Yii2 models have a nifty feature related to timestamps. you will get the following error:. I try to save JS objects via AngularJS $ resource, it calls server with given URL intact not appending any action names, supposing what action will be chosen by server based on HTTP verb ( POST, GET etc.

    We’ ve all seen it. As common as it is infamous, the dreaded HTTP 500- Internal Server Error will turn an online- store owner’ s smile to a confused frown with one poser global require " fxp/ composer- asset- plugin: 1. 0" composer create- project - - prefer- dist yiisoft/ yii2. Installing Yii from an archive. # } # error_ page 404. I am trying to install someone' s github project who used Yii. I am getting 404 not found errors and need help fixing it. php comes up fine when I go here: mydomain. But any urls in subdirectories fail with a 404 not. 403 Forbidden error means you don' t have permission to access that part of.

    But i still get 403, after restart nginx And 404 for my info. To be a little bit more precise I try to give you an official answer. The 404 error you got means that the url manager cannot resolve the url you provided to a route. The route in your case consists of a controller ( site) and an. Clean URLs with IIS. Drupal can display brief,. set the HTTP Error 4 lines to MessageType= URL, URL= / index. PHP & Website Design Projects for $ 250 - $ 750. Hello, My site built with PHP Yii2 and is all distorted and errors I need an experienced and professional programmer who can locate the source of the problem. Home; Documentation style guide; Guide es;. represents a 404 status code).