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Regopenkeyex error 2 windows 7

I am on Windows 7 32- bit platform. Windows Programming; RegDeleteKeyEx( ) function. and is the hkey obtained from RegOpenKeyEx( ). machine registry section due to Windows 7 or Vista UAC. I was reading over the google results for the error and I can' t make heads or tails of it. RegOpenKeyEx: Access is denied ( 5). Windows 7 64 Bit. Both RegOpenKeyEx and. Is there anyway for me to programatically use RegSetValueEx and RegDeleteValue in Windows 7 with HKEY_ LOCAL. Error: gOpenKeyEx returned 2. I try this on Windows 7 64- bit and Windows Xp 32bit. Why is RegOpenKeyEx( ) returning error code 2 on Vista 64bit? RegOpenKeyEx returns always ERROR_ FILE_ NOT_ FOUND! Showing 1- 12 of 12 messages. side while executing the RegOpenKeyEx( ) function.

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    Regopenkeyex error windows

    That should give you an. Usually the Run As Administrator trick works for me when I have that issue, but another thing you could try is to disable UAC on your computer. Home > Access Is > Regopenkeyex Access Is Denied. Hope these information Regopenkeyex Error 2 denied ( 5) ( self. up vote - 1 down vote favorite I am trying to read a value from HKEY_ CURRENT_ USER\ Software\ Classes on Windows 7 as a standard user, and although the key exists, I get an sult = RegOpenKeyEx( HKEY_ LOCAL. but returns an error code= 2 on my Windows 7. as a 64bit application or as a 32bit application on Windows 7. RegOpenKeyEx in VBScript? rc = RegOpenKeyEx( KeyRoot,. On Error Resume Next ' CREATE WINDOWS REGISTRY KEY ' Dim objScript Set. Home > error 5 > regopenkeyex returned error 5. denied error Windows 7 64 bit.

    error message } The error code returned is: regopenkeyex error 2 5 with the. Windows KB update error: RegOpenKeyEx failed with error. MakePerFileException failed; error= 0x6ba. 359: Copied file: C: \ WINDOWS\ system32\ DllCache\ netapi32. 関数 RegOpenKeyEx. LONG RegOpenKeyEx( HKEY hKey, / / 開いている親キー のハンドル LPCTSTR lpSubKey, / / 開くべきサブキーの名前 DWORD ulOptions, / / 予約済み REGSAM samDesired, / / セキュリティ. 関数が失敗すると、 Winerror. h ヘッダーファイル内で定義されている、 0 以外のエラーコードが返ります。. Windows 95/ 98: レジストリのサブキー名、 およびレジストリエントリ名の長さは、 最大 255 文字 です。. If errors occurring in several programs or applications and are happening, then the culprit is your OS. Fix Regopenkeyex 0x2 by changing the equipment, after a.

    Windows では これらのオプションはサポートされていませんが、 指定して実行 すると、 ERROR 5. RegSetValueExA( hKey, " test", 0, REG_ SZ, " test345", 7) ;. を 指定することで、 32bitレジストリか 64bit レジストリかを 指定してアクセスすることが RegCreateKeyEx や RegOpenKeyEx できます』 ; 年11月11日 mhはーーー。. 記者が名誉回復の為にネットデマを配信する時代 その2. Return code 2 trying to do RegOpenKeyEx. but a return of 2 is ERROR_ FILE_ NOT_ FOUND,. on my Windows 98 turns failure on homepath with a returnStatus value of 234. There is the problem. For some reason It is not reading the data complete the first time RegQueryValue is called. 2 minutes to read In this. This handle is returned by the RegCreateKeyEx or RegOpenKeyEx function,. Windows version:.

    Why RegOpenKey( ) returning error 2 on 64 bit Win7. On Windows 7 and later,. Why is RegOpenKeyEx( ) returning error code 2 on Vista 64gOpenKeyEx Returning Error Code 87 aka INVALID_ PARAMETER. RegOpenKeyEx failed for windows advance server machine. DELETE returns no error. Error Code 10038. This is needed if you want write access in HKEY_ LOCAL_ MACHINE on windows vista. QueryKey( hKey) ; } else { printf( " RegOpenKeyEx failed, error code % d\ n. Please search or browse our knowledgebase. If you still can' t find what you' re looking for, read our product documentation or use the links at the top to get in touch. The following call works on a Windows XP computer, but returns an error code= 2 on my Windows 7 computer. REGSAM flag = KEY_ WOW64_ 32KEY or KEY_ WOW64_ 64KEY; / / fake code result = RegOpenKeyEx(.

    Win Error Code 2 I have. I have installed software on my pc with windows 7 and didn' t have any problems. This thread is locked. My apologies for my misunderstandings. Actually I had to use KEY_ WOW64_ 32KEY flag instead of KEY_ WOW64_ 64KEY in RegOpenKeyExW ( HKEY_ LOCAL_ MACHINE, strTmp. c_ str( ), 0, KEY_ READ | KEY_ WOW64_ 32KEY. Windows KB update error: RegOpenKeyEx failed with error 0x2. Windows XP IT Pro > Windows XP Service Pack 3 ( SP3) GetReleaseSet,. Hi, I' m running Windows 7. Hi All, My code to recursively delete Registry Keys fails with Error Code = 2 and sometimes Error Code = 87 even when the key is present. It deletes some of the. ( HKLM) in Windows 7 using RegOpenKeyEx. CreateRemoteThread is returning Access Denied when run under 64- bit Windows 7, but works without turns out this was not related to WOW64 at all but was caused by the particular client not having write access to the registry key and the code requesting " Full Access" when trying to read the key.