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Java while loop error message

No, only the second one should result in an infinite loop. A while loop goes on as long as the condition is true. Since false is never true, the. Your formatting is all screwy, which is probably what' s confusing you. The ; at the end of your while ends the do- while. The braces after that, containing the " error" statement, are just a static set of braces: they' re not associated. I' m not sure if that' s what you' re trying to do but if you just want to filter out all negative grades then you could try this: / /. double grade = input. nextDouble( ) ; if ( grade < 0) { System. println( " Not a valid grade" ) ; continue; } total. You set int ln = s. and use while ( i < = ln) {.

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    Loop message java

    so it is possibly i+ 1 > = s. charAt( i+ 1) will throw Exception. To loop until you get valid input, try something like this: Set the validInput boolean to true only when the input is. user input a valid inputNumber, repeat keeps on being 1, and everytime it hit the check in while( repeat = = 1) it. You must read the wrong answer before restarting the loop, otherwise it will read the same thing again and again. And according to the documentation nextInt( ) never return a NumberFormatException, so there' s no need to. parseInt( textinput) ; if( ( number > = 0 & & number < = 5) ) { / / show error message and prompt for another input. before, continue isn' t necessary here, but could add readability } else / * input was good* / { break; / * exit while loop* / } }. One thing that I noticed: you should probably not call close( ) on the scanner. You' re closing the underlying input stream ( standard input), according to the JavaDocs. You have incorrectly capitalised While. It should be while ( all lower- case). See the documentation for while. However, there are a number of other issues with your code.

    Firstly, if you have tested that a number is not greater. A whitespace is actually considered a character, so the check of ( length = = 0) doesn' t work for your purposes. Although the following code below is incomplete ( ex: handles the potentially undesirable case of firstname= " foo",.